We're Wrapping It Up

After 3 years and over 13,000 boxes it's time to say goodbye to the worlds most established monthly sample box, ending with edition 24 now on sale. It's been a pleasure to work with so many brands, members and friends, and we appreciate all the members who took part in our amazing journey.

All hype reaches a peak and we have simply acheived everything we set out to do with Waxybox. We could continue with many more editions but if it isn't exciting for us then it's time to focus on the new ventures and once again make something special happen.

We have exciting times at Waxaddict & Slickrims which have grown rapidly, largely thanks to our development program. The good news is that we will continue our wax development within a totally new format directly through Waxaddict, giving you the opportunity to work us as we invent and develop new products, all Waxybox members will have the first opportunity to pre order before the launch in August, more details to be announced soon.

With regards to Waxybox we'll leave our social networks and a re-worked website in place as a thank you to our members and featured brands.

Thanks once again to everyone.

All the best
Rich & Team Waxybox

The Waxaddict Shop

waxaddict Visit our sister brand Waxaddict, buy waxybox goodies, accessories and car wax with handy detailing guides for beginners.


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